Summer is finally here! With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to get outside and enjoy your deck. Whether you’re cooking out for the family or having friends over for a party, we want to help you prepare for some memorable times in the sun.

Now that winter has passed and spring has sprung, your deck is probably covered in leaves, dirt and other clutter from nature. Before you start summer activities on your deck, you should wipe it down. If you don’t have a pressure washer available, there are plenty of services that offer this service. 

Once your deck is clean, take a look at it to see if any repairs need to be done before summer begins. You may have some damage from our harsh Chicago winters; but even if there isn’t any damage, minor repairs such as stain or railing replacements may be needed. In either case, making those repairs will ensure that your deck is ready to go when the summer starts heating up. 
When all that’s left is finishing touches like decorating, you can make your deck truly yours with items like candles or string lights. Already thinking about how you want your space to look? Contact our decking Chicago contractors for more information about how we can help