Siding is an extremely important part of any house. It’s an aesthetic choice bringing life and character according to your color choice. It’s also important as a protective element of your home, protecting walls from the elements. With proper siding installation, water won’t damage your walls or foundation. Properly installed siding can also keep your energy bills down by increasing the insulation. But what is the process of siding installation?


  1. Decide what type of siding you need. Do you want aluminum, vinyl, Hardie Board, etc? If you have an idea of color, that is excellent as well.
  2. Find a siding contractor. Find a contractor you trust, who carries the materials you want, and is in your price range. Due to my experience I can personally recommend you the best siding contractors in Chicago, IL. They are the most reliable and solid contractor I had pleasure to work with.
  3. Contractors deliver materials to your home. This includes siding, tools, and dumpsters.
  4. Contractors remove your existing siding and prep your home for new siding. This includes wrapping your home with a house wrap and tape to protect your home from moisture.
  5. New siding is installed. This includes putting the siding up, making sure there are no open seams, and that corners meet neatly.
  6. Old siding and other waste is cleaned up and removed from your property.

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