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Siding is important. It protects the structural integrity of your home from outside weather. It also is an important part of your home’s aesthetic. After all, it is the first thing anyone sees. But do you need new siding now? Today, Cousins Construction, one of the siding contractors Naperville has grown to love and trust, chimes in with their tips on when to get new siding.

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The one main reason you should get new siding is damage or deterioration of your home’s existing siding. This damage can include holes, cracks, dents, fading, and more. If it’s a very small amount of damage, siding repair could be considered. However, especially if your siding is already getting up there in age, it may be more cost effective just to get new siding. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a match for your old, existing siding, depending on how old it is, so if you need to replace a full plank, consider the difficulty. Likewise, if your siding is entirely faded or extensively damaged, siding installation will likely cost less than a repair.