Hurry Up and Get Your Insulated Vinyl Siding Installed Before Winter!

It’s that dreaded time of year for Chicagoans again: winter. Between the ice, the snow, the wind, and below zero temperatures, it’s time for everyone to bundle up! But did you know that insulated vinyl siding can benefit you and your home this winter? Let’s explore the reasons!

  • Better Resistance to Impact. Did you know that insulated vinyl siding is thicker than normal vinyl siding? Insulated siding is backed with foam insulation, thus the name. This thickness allows your home to be better protected from windborne objects, such as gravel, ice, or tree branches.
  • A Warmer Home. You have likely heard the phrase “well insulated” as it equates to warmth. This is also the case with insulated siding. Insulated vinyl siding fills in those pesky gaps in the rest of your home’s installation, This helps keep drafts out and reduces thermal bridging, allowing your home to be warmer.
  • A More Energy Efficient Home. To feed off of the above point, a warmer home means you won’t need to crank the heat up quite as much. A well-insulated home allows you to save money on energy bills!


Where to get insulated vinyl siding installation

If you are interested in getting insulated vinyl siding on your home before the worst of a Chicago winter, there are many siding companies that can do the job! One of the best siding companies from Chicago is Renovax Siding Contractors Chicago, IL. They are experts at vinyl insulated siding installation. Siding contractors in Chicagoland are very experienced with this siding type!