Why even clean the siding before exterior painting?

Generally, there’s no need to clean a siding before painting – unless it’s an exterior house siding. All the stains in the inside you can easily cover with new coat of paint, but the situation looks more dificult if we are talking about outside siding. There’s really high possiblity that on the exterior siding of your house have deposited impurities. If you paint it without getting rid of them, your new layer of painting will simply fall off with dirt. You don’t want to waste your time, money and good mood for this – trust us!

Pressure Washing vs Manual Hand Washing

First of all, this article is not a guide on the both ways. Here, I will only point out the differences, advantages and disadvantages of pressure washing and hand washing of your siding. Having that said, we can start!

The main advantage of pressure washing over manual hand washing is the save of time and work. With this you can clean a larger areas of your exterior siding with lower amount of time. Also you don’t have to scrub and waste your energy on it. On the other hand manual washing is a more precise and a deep cleaning way. Additionally, it’s a cheaper way to clean your siding, because you don’t have to buy or rent a power washer. While washing your siding manually, you can inspect thoroughly, looking for a damages, which is undoubtedly a great plus for it. The main disadvantage of hand washing is it may be exhausting and quite dangerous, when you have to climb a ladder to reach all the places.

Stay tuned for more posts, where we will describe both ways of cleaning the exterior siding in details!