Let’s face it; having a reliable roof over our heads is one of life’s priorities for sure!

Roofing Company Naperville and Contractors are here to help with affordable solutions. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to decide when it is time to call us in for a free consultation.


  • Algae Growth, Curled, or Buckled Shingles are a sign of moisture in your attic, causing nails to pop right out of your roof. Shingles can blow off, exposing your home to the elements. Seeing daylight shining through your roof boards is cause for concern as this indicates missing, rusted nails and that your weatherproofing is compromised. Algae eat away at your shingles and cause black streaking. Naperville  roofing inspectors can advise whether to repair, patch, or replace your home’s shingles.
  • Missing Shingles and Granules is an indication that your roof is failing and is allowing water in. Roofing granules are asphalt made from crushed stone and minerals, and finding a few loose granules is normal. When you find excessive amounts of granules and see “bald” spots on your shingles, it is time to call Roofing contractors Naperville.
  • Moisture and Mold an extreme health hazard. An inadequately ventilated attic causes the interior temperature to be warmer than the exterior temperature, encouraging mold growth. Roofing repair contractors Naperville will check your roof for proper air intake and blocked vents. 
  • Icicles and ice dams build up and cause peeling and blistering paint on the exterior of your home. Roofer Naperville can install ridge vents and ice shields.
  • Clogged gutters can compromise your roof too. Roofing contractors Naperville can replace, and install, and clean your gutters.
  • Your energy bill going through the roof is a clear indication that you are losing heat through your roof. All of the above problems can be the cause or possibly a poor installation job with sub-par materials can be to blame.

Questions? Call JJ Roofing Company Naperville for advice on any of the above problems, and we will send out an inspector to evaluate your needs.