Looking for a protective layer that will keep ice, salt water, and others away from your asphalt? Probably only professional companies can handle this issue. At Garelli Paving & Sealcoating in Arlington Heights, we offer a vetted solution already trusted by hundreds of customers. Driveway seal coating is the process of applying a liquid product over an existing asphalt pavement and it seals the surface by filling small voids and cracks, even the invisible ones. Without this procedure, the asphalt paving can be seriously damaged after a few years. While continuing browsing our offer, you’ll find also maintenance and repair works as well as parking lot striping. Whatever we do, our workers pay attention to every single detail that creates the final best results. Contact us today for a free estimate on our asphalt driveway paving or sealcoating in Arlington Heights! We bring our expertise to build quality into each job.