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Benefits of Installing Insulated Vinyl Siding Before Winter

Hurry Up and Get Your Insulated Vinyl Siding Installed Before Winter!

It’s that dreaded time of year for Chicagoans again: winter. Between the ice, the snow, the wind, and below zero temperatures, it’s time for everyone to bundle up! But did you know that insulated vinyl siding can benefit you and your home this winter? Let’s explore the reasons!

  • Better Resistance to Impact. Did you know that insulated vinyl siding is thicker than normal vinyl siding? Insulated siding is backed with foam insulation, thus the name. This thickness allows your home to be better protected from windborne objects, such as gravel, ice, or tree branches.
  • A Warmer Home. You have likely heard the phrase “well insulated” as it equates to warmth. This is also the case with insulated siding. Insulated vinyl siding fills in those pesky gaps in the rest of your home’s installation, This helps keep drafts out and reduces thermal bridging, allowing your home to be warmer.
  • A More Energy Efficient Home. To feed off of the above point, a warmer home means you won’t need to crank the heat up quite as much. A well-insulated home allows you to save money on energy bills!


Where to get insulated vinyl siding installation

If you are interested in getting insulated vinyl siding on your home before the worst of a Chicago winter, there are many siding companies that can do the job! One of the best siding companies from Chicago is Renovax Siding Contractors Chicago, IL. They are experts at vinyl insulated siding installation. Siding contractors in Chicagoland are very experienced with this siding type!

About Siding Installation part 2.

How to Choose a Siding Contractor in Chicago, IL

From siding installation to siding repair, keeping your siding in good shape is an important task for all homeowners. Siding is important for more than just its aesthetic value, though that is important as well. Siding protects your home from outside elements. Without siding, your home can sustain a lot of damage requiring expensive repairs. For this reason, finding siding contractors you can trust is of the utmost importance. For the highest quality siding installation and repair services call ACA Roofing Companies. They are one of the best siding experts in the Windy City.

Choosing best siding contractor in Chicago

When browsing siding companies, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Some of these include:

  • Does your siding installation company include a free estimate? What is included in their price? Are they in the ballpark of other siding installation companies, or are they an outlier?
  • Does your contractor of choice have the materials you want? This can be especially pertinent when it comes to siding repair. They may be an excellent siding contractor, but if they don’t have the siding you want (or siding that matches what needs repairing) they may not be a good fit for you.
  • Are they friendly and forthcoming on the phone? Do they have insurance and licenses? Do they have good reviews and references?


These are good traits to keep in mind when searching for a contractor for your siding installation, repair, or replacement. The most important tip we can give you, however, is to do your research. Do not go blindly into hiring a contractor. Interview a few companies and weigh your options.

About Siding Installation part 1.

Few Words About Siding Installation

Are you considering putting new siding on your home or going with siding replacement Crystal Lake? If so, there are many factors to take into account. When choosing your siding, consider the following:


Your siding needs to be water resistant or water-proof in order to protect the structure of your home from water damage, mold and rot. Consider also how window your area is and if debris is likely to occasionally hit your siding as you may want to choose a siding option that is resistant to dents and holes from impact.


You’re sure to have an idea of what you want your home to look like. Siding is versatile in color and texture so you can truly customize your siding. Vinyl siding comes in every color of the rainbow! If you are looking for siding that looks like brick, stone or other ‘specialty’ finishes your options will be limited.


Depending on the style of your home, you may be limited in the siding types you can use – i.e. siding suitable for a one story bungalow may not be suitable for a historic three-story home.

Your Footprint

Some siding options are more ecologically friendly than others. Fiber cement and wood siding options are made from natural materials and are typically biodegradable yet have longevity as a siding choice.

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Introduction to Siding Blog

Hi folks! In this post I’d like to greet all newcomers. Hope you will enjoy reading my blog. Also I would like to introduce myself. I’m Matt, a siding contractor with over 15 years of experience. Through the most of my life I have been working in siding profession and I believe, now is time to share some of my thoughts.

So, what this blog is going to be about? I’m gonna place here my reviews of siding projects, few words about some of siding contractors working in Chicago, little bit information about types of siding installation and a lot of siding news. As far as you take my humble opinion into consideration, I’m sure you gonna enjoy this.

Siding Contractors in Chicago

As you can see, Chicago abounds with siding installation on houses. There are suburbs where you won’t find a different house than a siding one. Is that good or bad? I don’t know, but the fact there is so many of siding installation here, in Chicago, determines there will always be a work for siding contractors. It also means you have a better chance finding a trusted and reliable contractor, that won’t fail project. If you are curious how to search for a professional siding company, just follow my blog and I’m sure you will find the answer.

It’s the begining of something totally new. Something that will help thousands of people living across the Chicago-land learn about siding profession, find a good siding contractor or get idea how to finish your own house.

Stay tuned for the next post!

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