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How often do you need a window replacement in Chicago?

Why you should replace your old window?

Did you ever think about how your windows affect the internal environment? Maybe it’s time for you to get information about it. Window replacement is essential thing in every thermomodernization process. Window’s conductivity factor plays a main role in process of heat loss. Why this is so important? Let’s look at it from economic point of view.

How can you save some money by replace your window?

In brief – if you lose heat from your house you also lose a lot of your money. If window take key part in heat loss then replacing it will help you save cash and improve thermal comfort in your house. Maybe it’s time to find window replacement Chicago service and get rid of your old not economical windows. Window companies Chicago make window replacement easy and fast. Window installation in accord with new technologies will provide you thermal comfort and save some money by reduce heat loss. Some of companies also offer window repair. You can call them and check your old one. There are plenty of services who can help you with window repair Chicago.

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Vinyl or Fiber Siding?

Making a decision when it comes to new siding can be tough. There are so many options out there. Siding installation is an investment for most homeowners, so they want to make the right decision. If you’re unsure, we always recommend asking the siding contractors Chicago,IL homeowners use on a regular basis. But in order to help you make an informed decision, today we will discuss the differences between two popular siding choices: vinyl and fiber.

These siding options are both extremely popular and for good reason. However, with recent advances, many people are beginning to prefer fiber siding, like the fiber-cement James Hardie brand. Why? A main reason is the thickness. Fiber siding tends to be more than twice as thick as vinyl siding! Since vinyl siding is prone to cracking, this is an obvious benefit. The thickness of fiber board also allows for added textural elements. Some fiber siding has been designed to look like wood!

However, despite the benefits of fiber siding, vinyl siding is still a great option for many people. Of the two, vinyl siding is the cheaper option. So for families on a budget, vinyl may be the way to go.

The Process of Siding Installation

Siding is an extremely important part of any house. It’s an aesthetic choice bringing life and character according to your color choice. It’s also important as a protective element of your home, protecting walls from the elements. With proper siding installation, water won’t damage your walls or foundation. Properly installed siding can also keep your energy bills down by increasing the insulation. But what is the process of siding installation?


  1. Decide what type of siding you need. Do you want aluminum, vinyl, Hardie Board, etc? If you have an idea of color, that is excellent as well.
  2. Find a siding contractor. Find a contractor you trust, who carries the materials you want, and is in your price range. Due to my experience I can personally recommend you the best siding contractors in Chicago, IL. They are the most reliable and solid contractor I had pleasure to work with.
  3. Contractors deliver materials to your home. This includes siding, tools, and dumpsters.
  4. Contractors remove your existing siding and prep your home for new siding. This includes wrapping your home with a house wrap and tape to protect your home from moisture.
  5. New siding is installed. This includes putting the siding up, making sure there are no open seams, and that corners meet neatly.
  6. Old siding and other waste is cleaned up and removed from your property.

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The Advantages of Vinyl Siding Installation

Siding installation in Chicago

When it comes to vinyl siding installation Chicago has a lot to offer. There are countless siding contractors and companies out there waiting to work for you! But when you are choosing siding, why should you choose vinyl siding? There are a lot of advantages.

Why vinyl siding?

First of all, it rarely needs painting. It is an extremely durable siding type and the color withstands a lot, even harsh Chicago winters. It is highly affordable, meaning that almost all homeowners can afford it, making a home upgrade budget friendly. Siding contractors are extremely competent with vinyl siding, meaning it is an easy, quick installation, yes, but also a quick and easy repair should that be necessary. Check this siding contractors in Chicago to get more information about vinyl siding. Vinyl is less likely than wood or fiber cement to trap moisture, making it a structurally sound choice. There are innumerable color options available making it the perfect choice for your home’s new color or for finding a match to your homes old siding. When in doubt, call your local contractor. They can talk you through vinyl sidings intricacies.

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Cleaning House Siding Before Painting

Why even clean the siding before exterior painting?

Generally, there’s no need to clean a siding before painting – unless it’s an exterior house siding. All the stains in the inside you can easily cover with new coat of paint, but the situation looks more dificult if we are talking about outside siding. There’s really high possiblity that on the exterior siding of your house have deposited impurities. If you paint it without getting rid of them, your new layer of painting will simply fall off with dirt. You don’t want to waste your time, money and good mood for this – trust us!

Pressure Washing vs Manual Hand Washing

First of all, this article is not a guide on the both ways. Here, I will only point out the differences, advantages and disadvantages of pressure washing and hand washing of your siding. Having that said, we can start!

The main advantage of pressure washing over manual hand washing is the save of time and work. With this you can clean a larger areas of your exterior siding with lower amount of time. Also you don’t have to scrub and waste your energy on it. On the other hand manual washing is a more precise and a deep cleaning way. Additionally, it’s a cheaper way to clean your siding, because you don’t have to buy or rent a power washer. While washing your siding manually, you can inspect thoroughly, looking for a damages, which is undoubtedly a great plus for it. The main disadvantage of hand washing is it may be exhausting and quite dangerous, when you have to climb a ladder to reach all the places.

Stay tuned for more posts, where we will describe both ways of cleaning the exterior siding in details!

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